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Railroad Consulting

TCS offers an array of consulting options for our clients which draws from our executive staff and our
expanding team of associates

We offer expertise in:

1. Training audits that review and evaluate your programs in: locomotive engineer training and certification, conductor, dispatcher training and operations, maintenance of way safety and rules training, and management training
2. Locomotive engineer certification audits and compliance reviews
3. The initial employee selection process
4. Publication audit review and assessment for all operating manuals, rule books, timetables, etc.
5. Locomotive utilization audit
6. Crew management utilization audit
7. Dispatcher utilization audit
8. Operating crew rule compliance audits including field testing for crews and management
9. Operating plan for railroad, strategic planning for day-to-day operation, and emergency operations
10. Locomotive engineer train handling audits
11. Legal representation by an FRA and industry-approved expert witnesses

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