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Rail Temps, Inc. (RTI), a sister company of Transportation Certification Services, Inc., is able to provide a highly qualified "extra board" of engineers, conductors, yardmasters, dispatchers, managers and locomotive mechanics to serve its clients’ temporary or permanent operating needs. Ranging from 150 to 350 locomotive engineers, conductors, switchmen, etc. these temporary personnel are available for the needs of our client railroads. Over 800 operators have worked through Rail Temps’ in this capacity. Many of these operators have even been permanently hired by our clients after serving as members of RTI’s pool of available “Temporary Train Operators.

Our work force is unique in the industry and can be used to cover temporary shortages ranging from start-up operations, seasonal and overflow workloads to unprecedented traffic growth. Any number of contractors may be hired to work for periods ranging from one week to one year or more for a client.

RTI has the ability to provide both industrial contract switching operators as well as training programs for inter-plant switching owners through TCS. The traditional standards for contract switching personnel has been very low, and TCS instructors are qualified to administer on-site comprehensive training programs, from classroom and on-the-job training to licensing certified locomotive engineers and conductors (if needed), greatly enhancing the safety and operational efficiencies of these types of operations. This offers a strategic marketing advantage for contract switching companies to present to their clients, and plant owners with fully certified engineers trained to FRA Class III standards. This also allows the switching company to attract business it otherwise may not be able to acquire due to the fact that the switching company can make transfers across the major carrier's tracks with their newly-certified engineers. TCS can also train and certify mechanical personnel on long-haul inspections.

In the past, it has been necessary for a few of our industrial switching clients to become trained and certified in order to service the clients that are in a joint trackage situation with one or more FRA Regulated Railroads. Many of these clients are referred to TCS by Class I or Shortline Railroads with the understanding that TCS will bring the switching company up to the required certification standards to operate in compliance with FRA regulations on the Railroads’ track. This is possible due to TCS' unique ability to offer "one-stop shopping" for a full range of training and certification programs.

TCS also has fully developed and implemented training programs for inter-plant switching operations that utilize belt-pack remote control locomotive operation

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