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Since TCS pioneered this market in 1991, we have experienced growth and trained hundreds of locomotive engineers, conductors and have established a large training base of client railroads in the United States, Mexico and Canada.

TCS offers a wide range of training programs as well as a commitment to flexibility. TCS’ programs are accessible to all railroads; major carriers, shortlines, or industrial switching companies.

TCS has been able to maintain a competitive advantage by being the first non-railroad affiliated training company in the United States. TCS offers professional instruction not only in the classroom, but with on-the-job training on actual trains. TCS has been able to sustain this advantage by providing the most comprehensive training for all aspects of railroad operations and meeting the unique and specific needs of our clients.

TCS facilitators guide our clients through a process for developing performance-based training objectives, task completion analysis, and designing course requirements that fit the unique needs of any client, from inter-plant switching to Class I carriers.

TCS is able to provide highly-qualified instructors to conduct its training programs. These industry veterans bring a wealth of knowledge and experience, averaging more than 25 years of railroad experience per individual, providing additional credibility to the various training programs TCS administers. TCS instructors have current FRA locomotive engineer certification and Designated Supervisor of Locomotive Engineer status. Many have served as “Directors of Training” for the largest railroads in the country. They are available to reduce costs by traveling to each railroad's location for on-site training and are well-versed in management. They are able to administer the training program from beginning to end, including examinations, on-the-job training, and final “Skills Exam” evaluations. Many instructors are qualified in several areas of expertise such as locomotive engineer promotion, certification, federal regulations, operating rules and hazardous materials training, just to name a few. These instructors have all undergone intense screening processes in order to represent TCS. It has taken years to develop this core of instructors, and TCS considers it the heart of the company.

TCS has developed a wide variety of training programs to meet a large host of client environments and expectations. Most courses can be modified to exactly meet a railroad's FRA Part 240 submission for training or the particular operating condition of the railroad. TCS will consult with clients about their specific requirements and budgetary constraints to develop a custom-designed, on-site program. TCS is dedicated to providing excellent customer service in our training programs to ensure our client’s satisfaction.

TCS' reputation and credibility with the Federal Railroad Administration attracts clients because it is understood that TCS’ training programs will meet or exceed all federal regulations and certification requirements.

TCS has a large selection of training materials to correspond with its programs. In the classroom, all programs have a corresponding manual, training videos, daily quizzes, associated visual aides, and mid-term and final examinations that meet or exceed all FRA requirements. TCS provides on-site CBT simulators to supplement the training program at the clients’ request. For the on-the-job training phase, TCS provides the forms to record the student's progress as well as final skills evaluation testing. TCS also has a full-time publications manager that produces professional, customized student materials for each client’s unique requirements.

Training programs and materials TCS has available:

1. Locomotive Engineer Initial Promotion Training
2. Conductor Initial Promotion Training
3. Brakeman/Switchman "New Hire" Training
4. Hostler Initial Training (Locomotive Service Engineer)
5. Remote-Controlled Equipment (Belt-Pack) Training, GE, Cattron, Canac and Control Chief
6. Safety and Operating Rules Training & Application
7. Hazardous Material training
8. Efficiency Test Training (for RR managers) - Field Application
9. Designated Supervisor of Locomotive Engineer Training
10. Engineer Advanced Train Handling Course
11. Engineer Recertification Program (Mandatory every 3 Years)
12. General Code of Operating Rules Training
13. NORAC Rules Training
14. Federal Regulations Training (Various CFR Sections)
15. Certification Training for Managers
16. Dispatcher Training
17. Maintenance of Way Training (Rules & Field Application)
18. Introduction to Railroading for Executives & Non-Railroaders
19. Locomotive Simulator Application and Testing
20. Introduction & Advanced Air Brake Training
21. Freight Car & Locomotive Inspection Training
22. Fuel Efficiency Awareness & Measurable Application Training

TCS is able to offer what no other railroad can: to administer the entire training package,custom designed for each client railroad.

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